Power Delivery Question RTX2080TI FTW3 Ultra Gaming

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2020/06/03 08:02:18 (permalink)
I got the 2080Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming GPU, the FTW Z390 Motherboard and a Corsair HX750 (Seasonic rebrand; 750 Watt) PSU. I would like to know how the power delivery is devided by the phase changers within the graphic card as I utilize a LI-HEAT riser cable. So exactly: how is the electric power divided by the GPU (maximum of 450 Watt by the 2x8 pins is possible and 75 Watt by PCIE slot) which is drawn through the additional power cords and the PCIE slot. I need this to know because the LI-HEAT riser Cable recommand only to go up to 35 watt by the PCIE slot. (example: 10 Watt come from the PCIE slot on average while the remaining 365 Watt are delivered by the PSU power cords on average).
If you can give an answer that would be great or you can also give me the source of your information if you know where to look it up.
Thanks in advance!

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